Writing your CV Profile image

A profile is also known as a personal statement and is one of the most important aspects of a cv / resume. A profile is a short paragraph about yourself, which you should use to sell yourself, stating your strengths, attributes and skills.

Often overlooked, a good CV Profile will undoubtedly make your CV / Resume stand out. When a potential employer reads your CV / Resume, the reaction you need to be aiming to get is, "Wow!, we need to invite this person in for interview.".

Use your profile to influence the reader and to draw them in. You will need to make it clear that your CV / Resume is worth paying careful attention to, as opposed to the rest of the candidates.

Keep it brief. Five lines is all you need to make your point. Anymore and you risk reducing the impact.

Compare your profile to the job spec (if one is available). Show evidence you have the required skills. Potential employers may need to scan through hundreds of CV /Resumes and the requested skills will need to be found somewhere in your CV at a glimpse!

Read, reread, and edit your profile thoroughly. Once your CV / Resume is sent to a potential employer, there is no looking back. If more needs to be added or taken away, now is the time. Your CV / resume Profile isn't going to be easy to write, and perfecting it is going to be ongoing. It will require focus and dedication.