The Resignation Letter image

Writing a resignation letter is a key career tool. Get it wrong and you could leave with bad feelings - you never know when your paths may cross again.

  • It must be laid out as a standard business letter.
  • It should never be more than one page long.
  • It should be printed on a good quality paper, typically 100gsm in weight and watermarked. Ensure that the stationary used for your CV and Cover Letter are the same.
  • Even if you verbally hand in your notice, you must formalise it with a letter.
  • Begin as you would any other formal latter, suitably addressed and dated.
  • Explain your reasons for leaving in a clear and rational way.
  • Explain your intention to resign along with a brief explanation of your reasons for leaving.
  • State your willingness to work your full notice period..
  • If you are leaving in good circumstances then it is a good idea to thank your boss for the opportunities that they presented to you or for the experience gained whilst working for the company.
  • Resist the temptation to bad mouth and let off steam..
  • Handle your resignation letter like you would any business document - professionally. Make sure you leave behind a lasting positive impression of yourself.
  • Keep words, sentences and paragraphs short. It is recommended that there should be no more than four or five paragraphs, or 200 words.
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