Common CV writing mistakes to avoid image

CV's with spelling mistakes do not give potential employers a good first impression. You should always proof read your CV and let friends and family also read through. Careless mistakes will almost certainly cause your CV to end up in an employers bin.

Do not tell lies

Although it may be tempting to hide certain periods times of unemployment, quick changes of jobs or other gaps by changing date for employment - DON'T. If an employer discovers you've been lying or masking the truth, he/she will probably let you go that same day.

Do not bore the reader

Do not list all your jobs with boring descriptions of duties and responsibility. Explain your previous positions and how you carried out assignments. Ask yourself what problems and challenges you faced and how you dealt with them. Explain how you was of benefit to the company.

To long or to short?

Often people tell you that your CV should only be one page long, however, you should include all essential experiences. Do not sift out (exclude) important experiences just because there is no room. Also do not include unimportant things.Recruiters want to know your latest experiences. If you have worked 20 years there is no need to include all of the jobs since the start. 5-10 years back in time is enough. Your CV is not really a autobiography even though some might say it is.

Irrelevant information

It may be an idea not to include information about your hobbies unless they have relevance to the job you are applying for. If you apply for a job as a internet programmer it would make perfect sense to include hobbies such as creating websites.

Use keywords

It is important to include keywords in your CV. If you want tips for keywords a good old trick is to read job advertisements. They usually contains a lot of keywords an employer will be keeping an eye out for, use these. It may also be anidea to also include Power Words

Reverse Chronological Order CV

Always use reverse chronological order when you list your previous experience. This quickly and easily shows your personal development and makes it clear to the reader to see what you have previously been doing over the past years. If you have just graduated, put your education at the top.